About Surfweather

Surfweather is a weather app for surfers that offers foredcast and type of waves based on the user position and preferences. In addition,the app itself has a short questionnary which is asked to create a personal experience for the user.


Surfers tend to have to spend a lot of time searching for the suitable foredcast, beaches near-by & waves.With such a big effort of time,surfers will rather go to a near-by beach without checking for the best option,leading to a less enjoyable experience.


This app has it all in one.Foredcast weather,waves,cities near the users location ,all based on the user preferences chosen in a short personal questionnary. This app gives the opportunity to have the best suitable option in a few minutes and leads the surfer to truly enjoy the ocean based on his preferences.


user flow


wire frames

user research

use multiple foredcast apps 75%
spend more than 20 min on finding the suitable weather 80%
enjoy at the fullest the beach chosen 40%
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