About Surfweather

Surfweather is an all in one foredcast app created to simplify the lives of surfers by providing relevant weather information for surfing conditions, based on the user's own preferences and location.

Why is it complicated for surfers?

Surfers tend to have to spend a lot of time searching for the suitable foredcast, beaches near-by & waves.With such a big effort of time,surfers will rather go to a near-by beach without checking for the best option,leading to a less enjoyable experience.

Pain points

A significant time investment

Less enjoyable

Not personalized


User research


0 100%

Use multiple foredcast apps


0 100%

Spend more than 20 min on finding the suitable weather


0 100%

Enjoy at the fullest the beach chosen

User persona

User flow

Wire frames

Color palette & icons


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