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Eagle, a premier online camping equipment store, offers a curated selection of high-quality gear for outdoor enthusiasts. Discover top-notch tents, sleeping bags, cooking essentials, and more for a seamless outdoor adventure. With trusted brands and a user-friendly platform, Eagle is a go-to destination for reliable camping gear. Explore, order, and embark on memorable outdoor experiences with Eagle.


In this project, our challenge was to design a 2-page website with a user interface optimized for both desktop and mobile experiences. Our primary objective was to craft a design that aligns seamlessly with the company’s identity while ensuring responsiveness across different devices. Through thoughtful UI choices, we aimed to provide an intuitive and visually appealing user experience on both desktop and mobile platforms. The resulting design harmonizes company aesthetics with a user-centric approach for optimal accessibility.

The design

Through experimentation with diverse styles, I identified the design essential for optimal development. Recognizing the specific aesthetic required, I've honed in on the ideal design approach for seamless development.

The logo

After conducting research on the company, I focused on analyzing its logo. The logo features the word "eagle," with an actual eagle positioned behind it. Additionally, the letter 'a' is designed to resemble a tent, evoking associations with camping. The chosen color gradient is symbolic, representing fire and recalling the common and popular practice of having a campfire during camping experiences. This design suggests a connection to nature, adventure, and the communal aspects of camping.

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