About Eagle

Eagle is an online camping equipment store that sells a complete selection of camping gear and equipment for a variety of outdoors activities.


In this project we were challenged to design a 2 page site using ui for desktop and mobile. The goal was to create a design that will suit the company and will be responsive for both desktop and mobile.

Color palette

About the logo

After conducting research on the company, I focused on analyzing its logo. The logo features the word "eagle," with an actual eagle positioned behind it. Additionally, the letter 'a' is designed to resemble a tent, evoking associations with camping. The chosen color gradient is symbolic, representing fire and recalling the common and popular practice of having a campfire during camping experiences. This design suggests a connection to nature, adventure, and the communal aspects of camping

Landing and product page (pc)

on touch

on hover

Landing page (mobile)

on touch

on hover

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