About catcheat

Catcheat is new Israeli food delivery app that gives the opportunity to order food from everywhere in every occasion, without worrying about distance.The project includes logo & ux/ui for mobile.


In the world of food delivery, convenience and accessibility are key factors for customers. However, one common issue that arises is the limitation on delivery range. Many food delivery platforms and restaurants impose a distance restriction, meaning customers cannot order from locations that are too far away causing less popolarity in
certain restaurants.


This app gives the opportunity to order in a fast and easy way from anywhere with the help of helicopters that deliver the orders by parachutes and those are catched by the delivery workers. This solution gives the possibility to other restaurants to have more clients and opens the options for orders without having limited delivery range.

How would the delivery work?

Helicopters would be distributed in different areas all over the country. Every helicopter will receive orders based on areas near-by.Delivery workers will bring from the restaurants the orders to the helicopter. The helicoptor will fly till the destinations.The orders will be delivered with parachutes that will be then catched by the delivery workers.Those will bring them to the buyer.


user flow


wire frames

user research


0 100%
use food delivery apps 75%
would like to have no limitation in delivery range 90%
would like to receive the food in scheduled order 95%
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