About Calypso

Calypso is a drink brand that embodies the spirit of Calypso, an island in the Carribean,an extraordinary place. Calypso becomes synonymous with vibrant, high-quality products that brings joy, vitality, and a touch of tropical paradise to people's lives.


In this project we were challenged to design a sub-brand of Calypso with a different drink flavour including a logo, label and a package.The goal was to catch the essence of the brand and convey its own brand identity effectively.

Color palette


After finalizing the flavor for the new drink, lime & mint, I proceeded to create a sub-brand for Calypso that embodies the essence of the chosen flavor. The design is intended to evoke the vibrant and refreshing vibes of summer, offering a cooling experience. The selected colors not only represent the flavor but also convey the values and attributes that I aimed to portray. This sub-brand is envisioned to capture the spirit of summer and deliver a refreshing beverage that aligns with the desired values.

Label & package layout design

Final product

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